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Acclaimed opera singer Lisette Oropesa to sing at 365bet Nov. 7

By: Zoe Huffman October 26, 2023

Lisette Oropesa
Lisette Oropesa.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - World-renowned opera singer Lisette Oropesa will present a concert at Austin Peay State University’s George and Sharon Mabry Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7. Tickets range from $5-$25, with free admission for 365bet students.  

A talk by Dr. Penelope Shumate, opera director and assistant professor of voice at 365bet, will precede the concert, starting at 6:30 p.m. in MMC 147. Oropesa will also lead a master class and Q&A session for vocal students the day before her performance.  

Oropesa is a Cuban-American opera singer whose vocal skills have been praised by Opera News, Place de l’Opera Codalario, and many other outlets. Her performances have been described as “brightly crystalline and arrestingly powerful by The New York Times.  

Although Oropesa's talent and hard work have garnered her worldwide success, she did not intend to become an opera singer. Growing up, her mother and grandfather were both accomplished singers, and they gave her the courage to pursue music after she completed her undergraduate degree.  

I have always sung—it wasn’t something that I always wanted to do, but I love it now,” Oropesa said.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Oropesa experienced a lot of anxiety because her contracts were cancelled. Because of travel bans and lockdowns, performers were not able to work. However, she remained optimistic as people turned to entertainment to deal with the stress of the pandemic.  

I thought when people are going through things, they turn to art, entertainment, literature, and expressive outlets to feel [an] emotional connection, and music does this for them,” Oropesa said. This art form is essential.”  

Professional singing does not come without its challenges, however, as Oropesa has to readjust to new environments frequently.  

I have to learn to be on the road and be the only English-speaking person in the room,” Oropesa said. It takes time to adjust, but it’s worth it.  

Because Oropesa travels regularly, she is motivated to take extra care of her body and health, focusing on exercise and vocal care.  

“Running helps me decompress, deal with stress, get away from the screen, and get out of the theatre to be in nature and enjoy the outdoors,” she said. Taking care of your body is your responsibility. You have to take charge of your body [and] your schedule to be disciplined, all on top of traveling.”  

Oropesa prioritizes her vocal care by staying hydrated which helps her voice. She recommends drinking plenty of water and tea in addition to using a humidifier, especially after plane rides. She also practices a variety of self-care routines that focus on minimizing her stress and improving her confidence.   

She also practices a variety of self-care routines that focus on minimizing her stress and improving her confidence.  

“Your voice is your body,” she said. “Anything you do to your body will affect your instrument, so don’t feel like a diva if you need to rest for a while before you do a show.” Her next show will involve performing on a rotating stage.  

Oropesa is coming to Clarksville between performances at the Chicago Lyric Opera, one of the top three opera houses in the nation.  

For more information about Oropesa’s upcoming concert and to get tickets, click the link below.